PRESS RELEASE: The Communications Directory Chooses QC’s Web Design & SEO for Web Development

Washington, D.C. insiders have turned to The Communications Directory for years to find concise biographical information about high profile leaders in the corporate and political realms.

It’s now much like the digital cousin of Who’s Who! That makes the alliance they made with QC’s Web Design & SEO ( especially meaningful.

Who’s Who or Who’s Who?

If you visit QC’s Web Design & SEO ( you receive a snapshot of the mastermind, Quentin Craft himself, a man who has dedicated a good deal of his life to public service.

With such a strong background as a humanitarian, you might well expect QC’s Web Design & SEO ( to provide good and strong design features in web projects they undertake for their clients, The Communications Directory among them.

In this case, The Communications Directory sought to have a clean and clear site that translated their famous booklets in print and transmuted them into the digital realm. They also wanted something that would work on mobile platforms.

QC’s Web Design & SEO ( came through with flying colors by integrating The Communications Directory database in the form of an interactive, graphical presentation in a web viewer.

Practically, at once, the potential customer could access templates, prior examples of other works and helpful suggestions, hints if you like, as to how to best collaborate with the web designer to create a winning result.

Historical Perspective

The printed word has been a mainstay since Guttenberg but today, digital manifestations dominate the world.

A company like The Communications Directory which has functioned in the past by publishing a newsletter and booklet type assemblage of the crème d’ la crème needed to transmogrify into something that could be disseminated on a mobile platform.

When one of The Communications Directory’s subscribers wanted to access a full bio of any given celebrity or publicly known person, they wanted a fast display of in-depth, accurate facts to come up.

The old printed form would be periodically revised and updated, but in today’s totally digital world, with lots of online competition like Wiki this and Wiki that, The Communications Directory knew they would going to need to be the best in the business if they were going to maintain a viable, paying subscriber base.

This is why they turned to to provide their new digital presentation.

Current Status

The team at wasted no time integrating their novel database interface into The Communications Directory coding and now, the happy subscriber base can access the goods on many millions of public individuals.

As they always had in the past, The Communications Directory is constantly curating it’s database and provided the staff with Dreamweaver instructions that permits them to update their files every evening at the corporate headquarters.

It looks like 2018 is going to be one of the company’s best years yet!